Gift Kits


1. Braille books for children----> Rs.50 per book

2. Braille writing kit consisting of braille writing frame, a style, a sheat of braille paper ----> Rs.100 per kit

3. Blank CD for recording text----> Rs.25 per cassete

4. White cane for orientation & mobility ----> Rs.100 per piece

5. Abacus with manual for teaching mathematics ----> Rs.75 per set

6. Adventure sports & nature camps for Blind children to develop their self-reliance ----> Rs.1000 per child.


1. Study material

2. Uniform

3. Chair, Table, Fan, Almirah etc.

4. Painting of the classroom

5. Posters / Banners plex for certres

6. Braille paper, Braille writing materials

7. Blank CD, recorded CD

8. Music coaching, big drum CD, audio books

Contact Info
Address: Kalyanpur Housing More, Asansol- 713305. District- Paschim Barddhaman, State- West Bengal, Country- India
Phone No: +91 9434797173, +91 9635115253
Email: info@Asansolbrailleacademy.Org,
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