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The children are admitted based on the doctor’s certificate and they are provided with Hostel, education, training, food, medical aid and entertainment facilities. It is totally free. The children have white cane for movement, Braille watch, audio player, audio books. We do have parent teacher meeting in every month and do counselling for parents.


i) Teaching curriculum best on Braille system it includes , use of special arithmetic, orientation & mobility, activities of daily living and so on.

ii) Free distribution of Braille Kits-

ADMISSION The visually impaired children from 5 to 18 years are admitted in the school. The parents have to produce the doctor’s certificate for the admission (govt. Hospital).

STAFF Our school has 8 teachers and 5 non-teaching staff. Besides that we also have part time doctors.

Contact Info
Address: Kalyanpur Housing More, Asansol- 713305. District- Paschim Barddhaman, State- West Bengal, Country- India
Web: http://www.asansolbrailleacademy.org
Phone No: +91 9434797173, +91 9635115253
Email: info@Asansolbrailleacademy.Org,ami.sarmilabanerjee@gmail.com
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